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Important Customer Announcement
Sale of Fort Saskatchewan Operations to EagleRock Computer

Dear Valued Customer:

On September 28th, 2016, EagleRock Computer entered into an agreement with Fort Technology to purchase the Fort Saskatchewan computer store location including its current customer base and service contracts. The acquisition will become effective October 1st, 2016. At that time, Brian Slaney will join the EagleRock Computer team and a former member of the Fort Technology staff - Robert Fillion - will join the team as well. Shawn Lawrence and Ed Lawrence will continue to work with EagleRock Computer during the transition process and will provide additional support resources to EagleRock Computer as required. Greg Richardson (owner of EagleRock Computer) will be working with Shawn Lawrence to get introduced to the customer base of Fort Technology to ensure customer needs are met both now and in the future.

Starting October 1st, all billing for monthly service contracts and/or banked hour contracts will be sent out by EagleRock Computer and will be payable to them. Any purchased hardware and/or software prior to the sale will be delivered to clients by no later than October 15th. All invoices sent out prior to October 1st will be payable to Fort Technology. Payments can be made by corporate cheque, by Interac eTransfer, or by Visa/Mastercard. Final payments should be sent to the following address:

Fort Technology
PO Box 3054
Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L-2T1

If you have any questions regarding your current account balance or need copies of previous invoices, please contact Janet Burton at 780-504-1225.

The contact numbers for both Shawn Lawrence and Greg Richardson are listed below. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you have regarding the transaction.

Fort Technology Group
Shawn Lawrence – President/CEO
Ph: 780-237-2852
Email: shawn.lawrence@forttechnology.ca

EagleRock Computer
Greg Richardson
Ph: 780-431-9664
Email: gregr@eaglerock.ca
Website: www.eaglerock.ca

Thank you for your business and support over the last 13 years.